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Reduce consumption of Mie Instance or Noodles

Nowadays many more people who rely on the stomach affairs of a dish called 'noodles'. Each time you shop mothers do not forget to insert the noodles in the list of IM needs, children kos always save some noodles wrapped IM to prevent hunger in the night, the lovers of mountain sports also participated include noodles logistics as required.

Reasonable if the noodles preferred, because in addition to practical, quick, delicious and cheap. But you know that the noodles do not have any noodles womb adequate nutrition and oxygen even additivenya (additional) not good for pregnant women and the middle seat.

Mie, people in China is the symbol length of age because of the length and type of material the author is manifold. There are Instans noodles, dried noodles, wet noodles, boiled noodles, made from wheat (wheat). There are also bihun, made from rice flour. Soun ago, made from mung bean starch flour.

There are also made from a mixture of rice and wheat flour, tapioca flour, potato flour or buckwheat flour. But certainly the most popular noodles instat, with a variety of brand and image of it, both in the plastic packaging polietilen and polistiren (stirofoam), in the form of a cup or bowl.

Mie instant actual shape is very long, but when he pemprosesan folded, fried and dried in a hot oven. This is a frying pan to make the noodles contain fat. Main raw material of instant noodles are wheat flour, but, during the process pembuatannya, also used vegetable oil, salt, natrium polifosfat (pengemulsi, penstabil and pengental), carbonic natrium and potash (both acidity regulator), tartrazine (yellow coloring).

Natrium polifosfat sometimes mixed with guar gum. Other materials such as caramel, hidrolisat vegetable protein, ribotide, iron and acid malat the function is not clear. In addition to vegetable oil, there is also a food additive, the chemicals added to food in processing, with the aim that the food has certain attributes.

Flavor noodles, such as salt, sugar, cayenne, garlic, onion, tomato sauce, soy sauce, vetsin (MSG) and the taste (think chicken, shrimp, taste, taste cow) also use a lot of additive. Not stirofoam noodles in the cup, which is suspected to cause cancer.

Although the health risk due to additive not directly visible, but by Arlene Eisenberg, in the book What to Eat When You're Expecting, pregnant women should avoid foods that contain many additive. For five years, the materials that actually do not need this body of work can also slow the digestive organs.

Besides also the womb of noodles is the main carbohydrate. Then there flour protein (gluten), and fat, both of themselves and mienya vegetable oil in a sachet. If the views gizinya composition, the noodles are high calories, but oxygen-poor substances other important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fiber.

If you would like more nutritious, it should be added vegetables such as cabbage, mustard greens, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, or sprout, add the Baso or meatball, shrimp, having a speech impediment, or sausage and cornet. Materials included to stay this time we boil the noodles are not easy ..? And to keep in mind, you should avoid consumption of instant noodles every day

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