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Slim Girls.. Smoker??

Girls regardful the weight they are usually akan smoking, as a result of research.

Research is in progress in the U.S. found that direct contact between the desire to be slim, and smoking among young girls.

Survey of 273 teenage girls who want to produce that usually slim akan smoking. Contrast with those who did not worry with the body weight, with a little smoking habit.

Phone Surveys

The findings are based on a survey by phone at girls in Massachusetts aged between 12 and 15.

In the first survey conducted in 1993, the girls asked if they want to slim? In the second survey, 4 years later, they asked if they start smoking. At this time almost one out of 4 girls start smoking.

Researcher who came from Boston University and Okayama Japan, found that girls who have the desire to be slim high potential 4 more times to become smokers.

Girl who eventually became smokers is 93% that is very important to be slim. Compare with the 7% who do not smoke.

However, a number of girls in states they believe smoking can help maintain their body weight. This triggered research that there are other factors that are encouraged for the girls to start smoking. However, according to experts, unite to change the trim of the girls will help them stop smoking.

Written in the journal Tobacco Control, the experts said, "We must give attention to the environmental factors that create social perception 'trim' the girl into something positive. In addition it is important also expressed, that the body should be slim through exercise.

More than one of the 4 girls in the UK who start smoking at the age of 15 years. This compared with only one of 5 teenage males who start smoking at the same age.

Spokesperson for anti-smoking ASH is very welcomed in this latest research. "This shows how complex the relationship between smoking and with a healthy habit," said the interpreter speaks.

"This is not only how they mencerna message of health, but also about how they collect it from the environment that is too broad - such as the influence of advertising in youth magazines and television. All that took part as an example of them."

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